SRR Is Best In Class

With over 20 years’ experience in Northern New Jersey, SRR is the roofing contractor of choice for our satisfied residential customers. Don’t settle for out-of-state or uncertified contractors – compare us and see why we offer a competitive advantage! Our team holds certifications from three of America’s top roof manufacturers, giving you peace of mind in your decision to use professional services.

The SRR Difference

With decades of experience in northern NJ, SRR offers residential roof inspections to keep home and property owners up-to-date on the condition of their roofs. Our team provides expert guidance every step of the way so that clients can identify potential problems before they become costly repairs. We strive for customer education when it comes time to select a cost effective solution tailored perfectly for each individual’s budget needs.

Why Is SRR The Better Value?

SRR provides top-of-the line inspections and maintenance services to keep your roof looking its best throughout the year. Our certified inspectors can identify problems before they become major issues, allowing you to save money on repairs while preserving the value of your home. With semi-annual checkups in spring and fall, our team will be there for all your inspection needs – whether due to a storm or routine upkeep!

What To Expect From A Roofing Inspection By SRR

An experienced eye can be invaluable when it comes to maintaining the safety and aesthetic of your roof. That’s why certified roof inspections from SRR are so important—our technicians begin by assessing shingles, flashing, and all other components for any visible damage or deterioration from both ground level and atop the roof itself. After completing their inspection, our team will go over findings with you in full detail before providing a comprehensive estimate on repairs if needed. Don’t wait until small issues become larger problems; get ahead of them with regular home rooftop examinations!

How SRR Can Work For You

SRR is here to keep your property in tip-top condition! Homeowners, rental property owners and building managers who are located in Morris, Passaic, Bergen Hudson or Union Counties of northern New Jersey can take advantage of our complimentary roof inspection services. Our expert inspectors are certified professionals ensuring the best quality service for you and your asset. Plus real estate agents―we’ve got you covered too when an inspection is required during a sale process!