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In Garfield, New Jersey, Saddle River Roofing sets itself apart with a reputation for reliability and excellence in roofing services. Our seasoned team, recognized for their extensive expertise and unwavering dedication, offers a diverse range of roofing solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functionality. By utilizing premium materials and the latest techniques, we ensure that our roofing projects not only enhance the beauty of your home but also provide long-lasting durability. Understanding the critical role of a sturdy roof in safeguarding your home, we approach each project with meticulous precision, whether it involves minor repairs or significant renovations. Customer satisfaction is our top priority; we prioritize transparent communication and tailor our services to meet the unique preferences and needs of every client in Garfield. This customer-centric approach, coupled with our skilled craftsmanship, guarantees a seamless and satisfying experience for every homeowner. Furthermore, our proactive maintenance services are specifically designed to keep your roof in optimal condition, effectively safeguarding your home against future challenges.

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Securing the ideal roofing solution for your Garfield, New Jersey residence is effortless with Saddle River Roofing. Our diverse range of services covers everything from comprehensive roof replacements to prompt repairs and thorough inspections. Whether your property demands a complete roofing overhaul, urgent fixes, or a detailed assessment to extend its longevity, Saddle River Roofing is equipped to assist you. Click now to safeguard your home with our dependable expertise.

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At the core of our presence in Garfield, New Jersey, Saddle River Roofing is dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs with precision and care. Each project, regardless of its scale, receives meticulous attention from our experienced team, showcasing our commitment to delivering exceptional roofing solutions. Our pursuit of excellence is evident in our careful selection of top-quality materials and utilization of the latest techniques, ensuring the longevity of every roof we install. What truly sets us apart is the peace of mind we offer our clients, assuring them that their roofing projects are managed by professionals deeply committed to delivering quality results. This steadfast commitment positions Saddle River Roofing as a trusted authority in the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of roofing excellence in Garfield and beyond.

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Understanding Your Roof

In building a robust and efficient roof, various components play pivotal roles. From the protective underlayment to the strategic drip edges, each element contributes to the overall integrity and functionality of the roof. Understanding these parts, like the ridge, roof vent, asphalt shingles, and the crucial roof deck, is essential.


The ridge, the highest point on a roof, intersects with the walls at the structure’s heart. It’s typically centered, identified by measuring from each end of the building. This central location ensures structural integrity and optimal water runoff, playing a crucial role in the overall architectural design and functionality.


A roof vent expels hot attic air, preventing ice dams on your roof. Proper installation is vital for your family’s safety, ensuring effective ventilation and minimizing winter hazards. This essential feature contributes to a healthier, more durable roof structure, safeguarding against weather-related damage and maintaining indoor comfort.


Asphalt shingles, popular and affordable, are a common roofing choice. They offer durability and longevity, reducing frequent replacements, making them a cost-effective, reliable option for many homeowners. This material balances quality and affordability, ensuring a long-lasting roof without compromising on protection or aesthetic appeal.


Underlayment, sandwiched between the roof deck and shingles, serves as a water-resistant barrier. It safeguards your home from leaks and water damage, crucial for maintaining structural integrity and prolonging roof lifespan. This protective layer is essential for a healthy, durable roofing system, ensuring a secure and dry living space.


Starter strips act as the initial layer of protection against wind, water, and the elements. They form a seamless barrier at the roof’s edge, ensuring a watertight seal that guards against leaks and uplift during storms.

A roof deck, the structural base for all roofing components, is usually crafted from plywood or OSB. It’s designed to be lightweight yet strong enough to support shingle weight and withstand pressure, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for the entire roofing system. This integral part of your roof plays a critical role in maintaining its integrity and functionality.


Hear What People Are Saying
Tom Gervasio
Saddle River Roofing delivered an impeccable service from the beginning estimate to the final touch. Their innovative use of drone technology pinpointed potential weather vulnerabilities on our roof. Throughout the project, the communication from Armand and Chris was consistent and efficient, leading to a swift completion. For anyone considering roofing work, Saddle River Roofing is a top recommendation. They truly stand out.
kevin B
Had my roof done a few months ago. Since then we have had some Torrential rain, strong wind storms etc. not a drip of water inside. I had leaks which is why I needed the new roof. Extremely fair pricing and finished in a day and a half. Didn’t try to upsell me anything. Checked all the plywood on my roof and worked with me on the price. Would recommend to everyone looking to replace their roof.
Max DeCrosta
Armand came out on short notice to assess a leak in my roof. He presented a range of reasonably-priced options, took the time to explain each and helped me ultimately decide which would be right for me. He then returned shortly after with his team and finished the job quick. I'm thrilled with his work, professionalism, timeliness and he's now my go-to "roof guy." Thank you so much
Anthony Greco
Armand and team were professional, responsive and helpful. Would recommend them to anyone.
Daryl Smith
Extraordinary service!
Jordan Fialkoff
Saddle River Roofing was extremely responsive and professional. Provided drone photos of the roof with his assessment a day after I placed the call. The repair was also done well about 24 hrs after I called. I will be calling Armand if I need anything roof related going forward
David Dombrowski
I called saddle river roofing they came out literally the next day. Completed a skylight replacement and were under anyone else's price. They even repaired water damage on the interior from the old leaky skylight. They kept a clean work area as well. I highly recommend saddle river roofing for any roofing needs. Special shout out to Armand for being super responsive.
Dianne Graham
It was a terrific experience working with Saddle River Roofing. I recently took over my father's house, and I had to replace the roof, which was 50 years old. They provided me with an accurate estimate and were quite courteous. Their fee was also the same as what they had predicted. They provided excellent service overall, and I am eager to work with them on my garage roof once more.

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LEARN ABOUT GAF & HOw It Works For our customers

At our Garfield location, Saddle River Roofing takes pride in integrating GAF’s esteemed roofing materials into our comprehensive services, showcasing our unwavering commitment to premium solutions. We prioritize excellence by meticulously selecting GAF products, recognized for their exceptional durability and performance. Our skilled team collaborates with these superior materials to deliver results that harmonize aesthetics with longevity. Aligned with our mission to exceed customer expectations, GAF’s innovative approach provides a wide range of roofing solutions tailored to diverse tastes and architectural styles. When you choose Saddle River Roofing in Garfield, you can trust in the fusion of professional expertise with the unmatched quality of GAF materials.


At Saddle River Roofing, we understand that the allure and resilience of a home extend well beyond its roof. That’s why, in addition to our top-notch roofing services, we offer premium shingles and siding solutions. Our handpicked selection of shingles, sourced from trusted manufacturers, not only bolsters your home but also enhances its visual appeal. Paired with our customized siding options, designed to complement the unique aesthetics of your property, we ensure durability and weather resistance against the diverse climate of New Jersey. By selecting our services, you guarantee that every aspect of your home’s exterior reflects elegance and quality. Our comprehensive offerings go beyond roofing, enriching the overall appearance and protection of your home.

Do You Still Have Questions FOR Our Expert ROofing TEAM?

We provide a wide range of services, from roof inspections and repairs to full replacements and installations.

While the lifespan of shingles can vary based on environmental factors, most high-quality shingles can last between 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

Yes, we cater to both residential and commercial clients in New Jersey.

Siding provides added protection against the elements, enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, and can improve insulation and energy efficiency.

Absolutely! We offer a diverse range of styles and colors to suit the individual aesthetic preferences of each customer.

It’s recommended to have your roof inspected at least once every two years, or after major weather events to check for potential damage.

If your roof is nearing the end of its typical lifespan, or if repairs are frequent and costly, it might be more economical in the long run to consider a full replacement.

Yes, we are conscious of the environment and strive to use materials and practices that are sustainable and have minimal environmental impact.


When It Comes To Roofing We Make Sure You're Covered Every Step Of The Way

In Garfield, New Jersey, Saddle River Roofing shines as a trusted name in reliability and excellence within the roofing industry. Our skilled team, celebrated for their expertise and unwavering commitment, specializes in delivering comprehensive roofing solutions tailored to meet both aesthetic and functional needs.


Booking with us is a breeze. It all begins with a simple consultation. With just one click you can schedule a consultation, and our experts will guide you through every step of your roofing project.


After your consultation, we provide transparent estimations. No hidden costs or surprises. By filling out our forms or giving us a call you’ll receive accurate pricing for your roofing needs, ensuring peace of mind


Discover how our flexible financing options make quality roofing accessible without breaking the bank. Secure a quality roofing system over your home today.


Once we have everything in place, we seamlessly transition into the installation phase. Where our expert team takes the reins, ensuring a smooth and efficient roofing project.

Quality Control

Prioritizing excellence, we move into a stringent quality control phase post-installation. No shortcuts. Our team double-checks every aspect of your roof to ensure it meets the highest standards.

Safe Living

As we wrap up your roofing project, we enter the “Safe Living” phase. Your roof is now complete and secure. With just one phone call, we’ll happily inspect it to ensure your peace of mind throughout the year